martedì 7 giugno 2011

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online Announced

Ubisoft announced today the development of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online. Ghost Recon Online will be a third-person cover based tactical shooter that will be free to play, however will feature an item store where players can purchase premium items or character customizations.
Ghost Recon Online will offers players the ability to choose between three different classes of Ghost, customize their weapons, deploy cutting-edge military technology, and share intel with their team. Ghost Recon Online also features a rich lobby platform for hosting social and persistent progression features. Ubisoft also will back the game with a full set of services, including regular events and game content updates, customized content based on community feedback, and live support.

League of Legends Launches Tribunal System

As RiotGames puts it, today is “Judgement Day” for League of Legends griefers.  The new Tribunal System is a peer review system that uses juries to punish players that have been reported for bad behaviour.   Those players participating in the Tribunal will receive random harassment reports to review, along with chat logs and players stats, then will decide whether to punish the player or pardon them.  If enough jurors find the defendant guilt, they will received a temporary ban.
Those players volunteering as Tribunal reviewers and who cast their votes with the winning side will be rewarded with Influence Points (the virtual currency of League of Legends)  for their service to the community. Auditors from the Riot Games Customer Support Team will constantly review the system for accuracy and fairness.
League of Legends is the first MMO game that I know of that has created a jury system to punish players for harassment and bad behaviour, although currently the system does not include cheating.  It will be interesting to see if this new system is successful or becomes abused by players grouping together to punish people they don’t like.  It seems there are checks in place to prevent abuse, but we’ll see.  I would love to see this type of system implemented in other MMO games to report botters and farmers.
Checkout the video below to see how the Tribunal system works in action.

APB: Reloaded Open Beta Launches

It seems like just last year we were announcing the open beta for APB, well APB is back in open beta, this time with GamersFirst and re-branded as All Points Bulletin: Reloaded.  The APB: Reloaded open beta was originally supposed to launch last week, but due to a major bug, the open beta had to be delayed.
In addition to the improvement from closed beta, open beta features a brand new skill rating system, redesigned “witnessing” game mechanics, new items and weapons in the Armas Marketplace, as well as an additional East Coast datacenter to host the game.
Bjorn Book-Larsson, the Chief Operating Officer for GamersFirst and CEO of Reloaded Productions had this to say about All Points Bulletin: Reloaded open beta.

DCUO Executive Producer Welcomes Back with Game Update 3 Reveals

Along with its sibling titles from Sony Online Entertainment, DC Universe Online went back online this week and its executive producer Lori Jameson wrote a welcome back post meant to reassure fans that while the “downtime has caused our publish schedule to shift a bit”, development work is chugging along.
In the letter, Mr. Jameson rattled off the content coming in the now-delayed Game Update 3, like the inclusion of an Oolong Island hard mode alert, a tightly tuned Ra’s al Ghul encounter, and a spring brawl between Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing.
Still, the main attraction for Update 3 is the Two-Face-themed duo instance, where the erratic coin-flipper ventures into the sewer lair of The Penguin, setting up what seems to be a four-way free-for-all between heroes, villains and the two crime bosses. Radioactive shapeshifter Clayface also makes a cameo.
Mr. Jameson then teases the new Raid series in Game Update 4 as being set in a “somewhat crystalline location”, a description that brought up the Fortress of Solitude in my mind’s eye. Read the producer’s letter for the full teaser details, complete with MegaServer pimping and all.

RIFT Weekend Sale via Steam

For those of you still thinking about whether or not to get into Rift, Steam is offering a pretty nice discount this weekend on the recently released MMORPG.
Steam’s RIFT discount is 33% off which bring the cost down to $33.49 for the game and 1 month of game time.  So if you’re still contemplating, stop and grab yourself a copy before the end of the weekend.  The RIFT sale ends Sunday night.